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Technology Survey Development

Page history last edited by Laura Pasquini 9 years, 11 months ago

2013 Technology in Advising Use in Higher Education Survey

In Progress 

Survey Questions 2013_Technology_in_Advising_Use_in_Higher_EducationREVISED.docx





2nd Pilot of NACADA Technology in Advising Commission Sponsored Survey:

1. Questions: NACADA_Technology_in_Advising_-_2nd_Pilot_Survey.doc

2. Responses: 2nd_20Pilot_20TA_20Survey.pdf



NACADA Technology in Advising Survey Working Group



TWO (2) Technology & Advising Questions asked on a recent NACADA National Survey:


Question 14


What technology is used to manage student information in your advising situation? (Check all that apply).

Automated Degree Audit


583 (56.27%)

Shared Student File Access via Computer (e.g., Banner, PeopleSoft)


731 (70.56%)

We do not use technology to manage student information


26 (2.51%)

Don't know


6 (0.58%)

Choose not to reply


1 (0.1%)



80 (7.72%)



117 (11.29%)


Question 15


What technology is used to communicate with students in your advising situation? (Check all that apply).

E-mail communication


905 (87.36%)

Password protected course management software (e.g. Blackboard, Wimba)


395 (38.13%)

Interactive advising websites and/or portals


269 (25.97%)



50 (4.83%)

Text messaging


111 (10.71%)

Instant messaging


69 (6.66%)



70 (6.76%)

Facebook and/or My Space


275 (26.54%)



48 (4.63%)

Linked In


15 (1.45%)

We do not use technology to communicate with students


7 (0.68%)

Don't know


1 (0.1%)

Choose not to reply


0 (0%)



48 (4.63%)



117 (11.29%)





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