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Advising Blogs

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A blog details information, stories and anecdotes.  There can be a regular theme or topic connected to a blog. 

This online journal/web log is written for different purposes, i.e give advice, provide support, answer questions or provide general information.    


Just a few Blog Engines We Like:







Advising Units Who Blog: [Please Update/Add to List]

The Official NACADA Blog http://nacada.wordpress.com/

ACE: The Academic & Career Explorer, Academic Advising & Career Centre, University of Toronto Scarborough http://utscace.blogspot.com/ 

University at Buffalo Student Advising Services http://advising.buffalo.edu/beadvised/ 

Advising Center at Texas Tech University http://www.depts.ttu.edu/actt/blog/ 

Center for Student Advising (CSA), Columbia University  http://www.studentaffairs.columbia.edu/csa/blog 

John Carroll University http://jcuadvising.wordpress.com/ 

The Undergraduate Advising Center, University of Montana-Missoula http://umadvising.wordpress.com/ 

University of Memphis Advising http://memphisadvisor.blogspot.com/ 

University College at the University of Memphis http://traceanne1.edublogs.org/  

The University of Oregon, Office of Academic Advising http://gradefirstaid.wordpress.com  

JCU Advising http://jcuadvising.wordpress.com  

Academic Advising Graduate Programs @ Kansas State University http://academicadvising.wordpress.com/

Academic Advising & Planning Center Blog - College of Charleston http://blogs.cofc.edu/advising/ 

Florida National College Academic Advising Blog http://fncacademicadvising.wordpress.com/ 

CSUSB Academic Advisor Blog http://csusbacademicadvisor.blogspot.com/ 



Advising Professionals Who Blog: [Please Update/Add to List]

Jillian Reading- Academic Advisor, Undecided & Exploratory Students http://www.thechronicleof.com/  

The NACADA 2010 Annual Conference Blog (Archive of #NACADA11) http://nacada2010.blogspot.com/ 

Undecidedly Advising- Sarah Howard http://undecidedlyadvising.blogspot.com/ 

AcAdvTech - Bil Morrell http://acadvtech.tumblr.com/ 

TechKNOW Tools - Laura Pasquini http://techknowtools.wordpress.com/







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